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Our company

DCA Engineering s.r.o. (Ltd.) is a Slovak-German company, founded in June 2004. The main activities are aimed at construction work in the aircraft and automotive industries.
The Dupres Consulting s.r.o. and the German Taqueri AG company (formerly CRH Datensysteme GmbH) partnered up to respond to the significantly increasing foreign interest, particularly among German clients.
In 2007, we started to perform construction work within the scope of Dupres Consulting s.r.o for the biggest German automobile manufacturers such as Audi AG and BMW AG.
As a result of our mutual reliability, flexibility and productive work, as well as outstanding communication, close collaboration has been formed. Consequently, in March 2015 we opened and established our joint Budapest office, named DCA Hungary Ltd.

Since September 2016 – as a direct supplier for BMW AG – we have been awarded the Project Management Office (PMO) status, therefore a direct contact has been formed with full access to the Group.


The in-house expertise we have accumulated over the years allows us to be able to oversee the entire process from customer conception to the manufactured end product – taking cost-effectiveness, quality and ergonomics into consideration.
Our main scope is implementation of unique tools to improve technical options in order to meet client requirements.
These tools include clamping and positioning devices, forming machine tools, assembly and welding stations, conveyers, measuring instruments, special machines etc.
These products can be found in various areas: automotive, aircraft and energy industries.
The unique design in the required customer environment is realized using the CATIA V5 software. Beyond design, we calculate the costs needed for production, and request the variety of materials. After careful analysis, we select the most effective solution, set up the inventory list and the production documentation. Therefore, we oversee the entire process, from design development, through production documentation, to production. Thus, the process can be implemented from concept to end product without any defects.
Due to the expansion of our venture, it is possible to outsource our engineers if required – they can cooperate with other firms.



The primary goal of DCA Hungary Ltd is to provide steady, reliable, high-quality services to our clients.
Besides precise work, meeting deadlines is also a paramount expectation in our engineering office. This is a fundamental requirement not only from our clients, but also from ourselves. Our employees are highly trained construction engineers with years of experience in mechanical engineering to ensure quality delivery. Our aim is to meet any client demands.
Since 2007, our work has been greatly promoted by the design operations continuously performed for the German automobile manufacturers, which often occurred on client premises. Hence there is personal relationship between the companies and the managers leading the design operations.Regular contact with our clients is essential to be able to comply with consumer demands and to meet expectations regarding the commissioned product. Flawless installation and operation of these products can only be achieved with clear communication regarding any potential changes or modifications. Feedback from satisfied customers is the greatest success for us.